Celebrate Your Past Creative Successes


The reason people give up and get frustrated sometimes is because we are focusing on what we don’t have and how far we have yet to go in life. We don’t take the time to look a what we HAVE done. It’s a rainy day here in North Vancouver and I have been feeling discouraged. Discouraged that I’m not the accomplished flourishing musician I want to be and discouraged that I’m low on money and not able to go to dance class this week. Yes dear friends I have my down days. And if we are all honest let’s admit that we all have our down days especially when it comes to living a creative life. So writing this post is a way that I can overcome the dampness and discouragement that I am feeling right now. I want to invite you to try this exercise with me.  Get a pen and a piece of paper and write the numbers 1 to 10. List your past creative accomplishments. If you are not pursuing something creative in your life then just list any accomplishment. It doesn’t have to to be big. It can be something as simple as “I washed the dishes today.” Here’s my list to remind me how far I’ve come. I can remember these moments and when a dark day creeps up on me I can remember the good times.

Kara’s  Creative Accomplishments;

1. My CD release show at the Leaping Calf Cafe- 50-60 people in attendance a great night of music and celebration of me releasing my EP “Free Child.”

2 My Art and Music show at the Toast Collective-Several Friends and Family showed up. I got to hang up all my paintings and play music. Felt I was inspiring and up lifting people with my art.

3.Busking on the street in North Vancouver and Vancouver and overcoming my fear of getting out there.

4. Being a part of the North Shore Art Crawl and having an art show in my apartment.

5. Turning part of my apartment into an art studio

6. Getting this website up and running and my dance journey website as well.

7. completing almost 2 years of music school

8. playing several music shows around the Vancouver area

9.  Writing songs and getting them recorded and produced and releasing an EP.

10. attending art classes at Emily Carr.

How about you? Make your creative accomplishment list. Maybe its a list of smaller things. Sometimes the small everyday actions that can mean a lot more than the bigger milestones.

Here’s example of some small actions that I am happy I did in the past week

1 washing my dishes

2 getting up and listening to some inspirational teaching while doing exercise

3 buying myself a tu tu and a night dress to turn into a ballet costume

4 visiting my grandma and having her make my dance costume

5 cleaning my hamster’s cage

6. Visiting with my friend Jessica and her daughter

7. Writing these lists

8. practicing my guitar last night

9. buying my neighbour some flowers

10. working on my blogs.

I wish you a day and week of happy creating and remember to celebrate the small things and your progress. Don’t look at how far you have to go and get discouraged. Look at how far you’ve come!

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