Why I Love to Travel and How I Believe it Can Make You More Creative

This summer I will be heading over to China to volunteer at an orphanage just south of Bejing. After the the the 2 weeks at the orphanage I will be spending sometime doing solo traveling in Bejing. I plan to travel around the city and plan to do a day or overnight excursion to the Great Wall. I have been planning this trip for 2 years now. Finally it is coming to pass. My flight has been booked for the 25th of July. I go for 20 days until the middle of August. I am fast looking forward to this trip.

       I am a girl who loves travel and I love adventure. I often find myself daydreaming about setting off on a plane to an exciting destination. I have been on 2 major trips in my life time I went to Australia in 2005 and England in 2010. I believe it is good and wonderful to have a healthy curiosity about the world in which we live in. At 28 years of age I am ready to taste and see more of the world. I believe this China trip is a gateway into that. Here are some reasons why I love travel and how I feel it can make you more creative;

1. You get to go to a new place you’ve never been before, you get out of your comfort zone and meet cool and interesting people

2. You do things you normally wouldn’t do at home – I went bungee jumping in Australia

3 Meeting people- You meet so many cool and interesting people and make life long memories that you’ll never forget – When I was on the Isle of Wight in England I met a French guy name Anthony. I hardly knew french and he hardly new English yet we bonded over sightseeing, taking random buses and wine on the beach. I was charmed when he gave me kisses on the cheek when we parted ways. I’ll never forget the adventure of that day.

4. You get experiences in which to write stories and songs about and scenes in your mind to draw, paint and sketch, travel makes the mind sharper and your senses more alive

5. You have an adventure of a lifetime and make memories and stories that you can pass on to your friends, family, children and everyone you meet


      There are many more reasons to travel than the ones I have listed above. I’m not sure at the moment what the future will hold for me. I plan to strike out and do more solo travel. I am aware that I could meet someone and get married at some point. In that case I would love my future partner to share my love of travel. I would love for us to travel and see the world together. I can’t deny the passion that I have to travel. I know fate has a way of bringing the right people into your life at the right moment. So whether the future holds solo travel or traveling with a special someone we’ll see.



Myself with Anthony the French guy I met (on my right) and the people we met from Poland – awesome memory!


                                 A beautiful field of daisies on the Isle of Wight in England

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