Aching to Create and to Express Myself


It has been quite a busy and full summer. I played shows around the city (Vancouver) and went to China for 3 weeks. You could say on the outside I’ve lived a fulfilling summer. There is still more. MORE. More waiting for me to tap into and live.

Life can get so cluttered sometimes. Its hard to just stop and to listen. Listen to the inspiration all around. Often I experience this yearning to create, this longing and this pull. The pull is strong and its almost an urge. I long to inspire, to become and to flourish. I long to be the woman I was created to be. With this urge and desire come a resistance. I resist picking up my guitar and writing a song, going to the easel and painting etc. It’s this resistance that we must face. We need to take a deep breath and show up at the page, the studio, the piano etc.

can’t begin to explain the feeling I feel when I’m in the zone creating. Its exhilarating! We must all surpass the force that stops us from moving forward in creativity. Happy creating everyone!

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