Using Creativity to Overcome Depression

IMG_0435 Its been a hard week. There has been a transition of the seasons from summer to fall and the school work is starting to pile up. Yesterday depression hit me especially hard. I felt like I couldn’t get up and get out of bed that morning. Being at work that day and feeling really depressed was tough. For those of you that know me I was diagnosed with depression back in 2006 after a major bout with it. Since then I have only had one other major bout in 2009 and have been recovering ever since.  Living with depression isn’t easy. Some people don’t understand you just can snap out of it. It’s more than just the blues. It’s like a thick heavy bleak and dark weight that darkens all your days. Depression robs people of their drive, their passion and sometimes their will to live. Some find it hard to hold down a job or even get out of bed. By the grace of God I am able to hold down a part time job and go to school part time. This doesn’t come with out its frustrations and battles though. I often don’t feel like going to work or working on my school work. I’ve often had to hand some assignments in late or I go a week without picking up my guitar and practicing it (I’m in music school) Most teachers are very understanding of my situation and I haven’t really failed many classes (I failed chapel worship team of all classes!) LIfe is lived one day at a time and one moment at a time. I’ve got to remember this if I want to get through this semester. The above picture is of some art I made today. It’s a picture of my sister that I mounted on pretty paper. Last year for Christmas I gave her a scrap book with many pages of pictures of her that I decorated. So this page is an addition to her scrap book. I feel that creativity has a major impact on depression. Julia Cameron says “The next time you are depressed, I ask you to experiment: Make something, anything– a cake, curtains, a poem…and see if your mood lifts.” This has been happening to me as I focus my attention on making a scrap book page for my sister. Creativity heals. I plan to be taking small steps each day to create even just small simple things. All the best and happy creating!

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