Don’t Be Afraid to Make Mistakes


I love this quote and find a lot of freedom in it. So often we get caught up in not being able to make decisions. We get paralyzed with fear. This quote frees us up to take chances. As on of my favourite speakers Joyce Meyer puts it “sometimes you need to step out and find out.” Is there a painting class you want to sign up for? A trip you want to take? Do you want to try you hand at some stand up comedy? Then go for it. Now do everything within reason. Don’t hurt anyone in the process and don’t jump off a bridge thinking you can fly. Do take positive risks though.

Here is a list of risks I would like to take;

1. Take time off work to travel – possibly to Australia and New Zealand

2. Record a full length album for my music and pay for it through crowd funding.

3 Move to a different area of town.

4 Do some more couch surfing.

5. Play a different instrument like the mandolin at an open mic or one of my shows(I usually play guitar)

What’s your list? What creative risks would you like to take? Fears aside you deserve to go for it!!


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