Got to Record a New Song at the Studio

Recording the vocal tracks to my song "Words Can't Express."
Recording the vocal tracks to my song “Words Can’t Express.”

Yesterday I got to record a new song at White Water Studios in Surrey, B.C. This recording session was a part of one of the courses I’ve been taking at school. The course was a song writing lab. Each of us in the class wrote 2 songs and these songs were workshopped by the class and instructor. I got some great feedback and input into my songs. I picked the song “Words Can’t Express” to get recorded in the studio yesterday. It was so great to be back in the studio after a couple of years. I got to work with Roy Salmond, the studio owner, producer and musician and Carolyn Arends. Caroline Arends is a seasoned performer and songwriter. She has released several albums and gone on tours all over North America. She lived in Nashville for a while. She is well known in the Christian Contemporary music world. I would classify her music as folk rock though.

It was such a treat to work with Carolyn and Roy. They did a good job working with me and making my song sound great. I put a good 8 1/2 hours in at the studio. One of my classmates Tyler, was recording his song “Nightmare.” I got to watch Carolyn and Roy work on his song. It was such a great experience.

I loved the experience so much that I asked Roy if he’d be willing to work with me further and help me record and produce a full length album. I have my EP “Free Child” but feel I’m due for a full length album soon. I just e-mailed Roy my vision for my album. He said he’d love to work with me when I’m ready. I would have to have a plan for funding the album. Recording and production can be an expensive process. I plan to have my song posted up soon on this website for you guys to listen to. For now here are some pictures from yesterday. Enjoy.

Roy working on adjusting the levels for my vocals.
Tyler chilling with Roy’s guitars.
Roy adjusting the levels on my vocals
Carolyn recording the guitar part for my song.
Another shot of me recording my vocals
Another shot of me recording my vocals

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