Cross Canada Tour Update/Sometimes We Just Need to Keep Fighting For What We Love


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I was just looking back at my post from February 2 of this year. I was talking about how I wanted to go on a Cross Canada Tour this summer. I wanted to combine music with travel and apply for the Via Rail “Artists on Board Program.” Well the good news is I am going on a music tour this summer.  It will soon be happening in less than a month. In less than a month I will be heading to Halifax with my boyfriend. So far I have 2 shows in Montreal and 2 in Regina. I’m waiting to confirm one in Toronto on the 13th of July. Well this has been my first attempt at going on a music tour. I can’t say I’ve done it it all perfectly. It many ways is a real humble little makeshift music tour. I had this vision of traveling across Canada and sharing my music both at venues in cities along the way and on the Canadian Via Rail trains. As I wrote in my earlier post that Via Rail has an Artist on Board Program where you can ride the train for free in exchange for live performances. My vision was to get on that program so I could ride the train for free and share my music. I applied for the Artist on Board Program but unfortunately did get accepted.

Let me tell you guys when you have a vision and a calling for your life sometimes things can get hard. Sometimes the opposite of what you hope, dream and plan happens. There are road blocks along the way to your dream and your vision. But I want to tell you not to give up! Sometimes even the people closest to us don’t agree with what we are doing with our lives. Often we have to keep going no matter what is thrown against us. We have to be willing not to quit. Yeah there have been times where I’ve wanted to not go through with this tour. I’ve had some rejection, some set backs, some people not quite getting what I’m doing and the biggest thing is that I’ve struggled with my own self doubt. But I have to make a choice, I have to stay true to the vision I committed myself to this summer. I have to keep going when the pressure is on. And believe me the pressure can come on quite strong. I want to encourage you guys not to give up. Make it your goal to pursue what you love relentlessly. Your life may not look like what everyone else’s does but you are a unique individual.

So the latest with me? I will be putting on a house concert next Saturday June 13 at 7:30pm in my buildings common room. I will be taking donations at the door and will have some artwork and crafts for sale too.  There will be free food and drinks with some great live music. Stephanie Ratcilff a local Vancouver musician will be there performing too. It will be a great night.

I am still going to go on my tour. You can check my “Shows” page for details. I plan to update on my blog as I go this summer. I also have a Crowd Funding Campaign that I put together. If you want to donate to my tour that would be awesome. For your donation you can claim “perks.” Click on the link above to support the tour.
 Happy dreaming, creating and doing what you love to do,


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