Just a Post to Say Thank-you

Today I am feeling very grateful. We need to be grateful everyday but today I am especially grateful. I had some pretty awesome people come out to my house concert. I’ve got a lot of people in my life that love me. I am loved. I need to remind myself that I’m loved each and everyday.

The show went well. Stephanie Ratcliff did an awesome job of opening the show. Several people bought her CD’s and she totally shone up there as she performed. I was so grateful to have her come open for me. Then I did my set along with Steve Britten my band mate. Many jokes were told, stories shared and encouraging words given. I raised a bit of money through donations and merch sales to help fund my tour. Apart from raising a few funds the best thing was the support and encouraging words from the people who come out. I am truly blessed. I made a video to express my gratitude.

So July 2nd I will be heading out on tour. I have 5 shows in 3 cities. Apart from the shows I hope that I can make more connections as I travel from city to city. I feel like this summer I will be doing what I’m called and what I was born to do. It’s a great feeling.

Let me tell you the prep for the tour hasn’t all been easy. There was a lot of challenges that came my way. Most of the challenges came through my own self doubt. But to have the house concert and get all the support from the people who came out gave life to this tour. All my hard work of booking the shows, planning and fighting to believe in myself is starting to pay off.

Folks sometimes obstacles get in the way of our dreams and things we’re called to do in life. I’m here to say “Don’t give up!” Each of you is a beautiful soul and has something unique to offer the world. Once again thanks for the love and support!

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