Cross Canada Tour Highlights and Update

Wow!! Its hard to believe that July is almost over. Soon I will be returning home to Vancouver and the tour will be coming to a close. I have one last show in Regina (I’m currently staying in Regina at the moment) this Saturday night at the Cathedral Freehouse. Soon it will be time to go back to work, school and life as I know it.

I would love to share some highlights of the tour as well as somethings that were challenging. First off it has been a great experience taking the train across Canada and seeing the country. One city I really enjoyed was Toronto. Toronto has one of the best music scenes in Canada. There are several places for musicians to perform at. I got to perform at The Central, The Painted Lady and the Tranzac club. I really enjoyed sharing a show with my friend Caroline Chojnacki aka Lovely Caro. She is working really hard on her own music and getting her name out there. After our show at the Central, Caroline took me to the Painted Lady where I got to perform with a full band. I performed my songs “Free Child” and “Words Can’t Express.” Playing with the band really helped my songs to come to life. That night, between performing at the Central and the Painted Lady, I met several people in the Toronto music scene. It made me wish that I had more time to be in Toronto and get to know the scene. My five short days were only just a taste.

Joey and Caroline performing at The Central in Toronto.
Caroline and I together before our show at the Central.

Another highlight of the tour was when I performed at Cafe Shaika in Montreal. I met this man who has traveled in India for 5 months. He really enjoyed the music and bought some of my merch. Making these small connections along the way is what keeps a musician going. I was able to give him one of my business cards.  Also at my shows and performances I had several people come up to me and give me positive feedback. They told me I was talented and that I had a beautiful voice. They told me to keep going with music. It was these people that I need to remember when I’m having a touch day with the music journey.

Performing at Cafe Shaika in Montreal

Now I will share some of the tough stuff. Some of the challenges. Let me tell you that pursuing music and going on a music tour is not glamorous! There were a few times where I was playing to an almost empty room. There was the one show I did in Toronto at the Tranzac Club. I had to fight the whole time during my performance to keep my confidence up. The audience was pretty much my boyfriend Ken and the staff. During my second set a few guys came in and watched the show which helped a bit. The staff were really kind to me. Two of them had done the music thing. One guys said that him and his band were playing a tough show. They were basically playing to an empty room. Just when they felt like calling the night quits a huge crowd of about 60 people came into the venue. The night really picked up from there.

During the tour I fought with a lot self doubt. Why was I doing this music thing? What was the point of playing some shows where there were only a handful of people and I was basically playing for free. Did I really love this music thing enough to keep doing it?

Performing at McNally’s in Regina

Sometimes we are not going to know all of the answers or why we are doing something. Sometimes we just have to go on faith. We have to keep moving forward despite the obstacles. Success doesn’t happen overnight. When I look back on this tour I am going to remember all the people that gave me encouraging words. I am going to remember the time I got up on stage at the Painted Lady with the band and really rocked it.  As my friend Chelsey likes to say “never underestimate small beginnings.” This was a humble and small little music tour but I will never forget some of the memories I’ve made.

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