New Album on the Horizon!

Performing at McNally's Pub in Regina
Performing at McNally’s Pub in Regina

Yes the title says it all! I am dreaming, planning and working towards recording another album! As many of you know I released my debut album Free Child in April 2012. I have come along way musically since then. I have been attending the community music program at Pacific Life Bible College for 3+ years now. I have learned a lot about music,songwriting, life, love, travel and all things in-between since then. This new album will be a glimpse and snapshot in time of where I’ve been and where I am musically.

I have changed a lot since the release of “Free Child.” I would love to release an album that captures those changes. I plan to record sometime this spring/summer 2016 at White Water Studios with Roy Salmond. I was pleased to work with him earlier this year as part of one of my music classes at school. I got to record the song “Word’s Can’t Express” with him and loved the final result. Things have been coming together and I want to continue recording and working with Roy at his studio.

The new album will feature a collection of songs on travel, art, adventure, beauty and the creative process. I am working on getting funding through FACTOR. As many of you know FACTOR is a Canadian organization that helps fund musicians with their recordings, tours, music videos, etc. I plan to go for either the demo or full length recording grant. If I can’t get the grant my next plan is to crowd fund my album. If I go the crowd funding route I plan to play many shows early this year to get out there and make some noise about my new album project.

Next year is going to be exciting! Stay with me and come along for this exciting journey!