Fall Seven, Stand Up Eight



Life has dealt some pretty tough cards for me the past while. I keep hitting head on with resistance coming against me with all my music and creative dreams. I keep wrestling with feelings of not being good enough, not having what it takes, not having the strength, not having the funds and the list goes on. All the doubts and fears keep knocking around in my head trying to pull me down to that desperate place. That desperate place of not being able to break free.

You know something all those yucky feeling can shut the frick up!!! I am beautiful, talented, worthy, called. I have a passion, a talent, a vision. I’m not quite where I need to be but I’m further than I was before. There is a divine plan and purpose for my life.

Have you every felt like giving up on something? Do you have a dream or a vision  for your life? Keep fighting! Keep persevering! There will be loses, set backs, failures, a few embarrassments. There will be moments where you feel so vulnerable and where you feel you are putting your soul on the line. But dear one “Don’t give up!”

3 thoughts on “Fall Seven, Stand Up Eight

  1. Well said, wonderful post.❤ I sometimes fall into that state where I am drowning in my own negativity andnend up giving up on everything. But seeing things like this often takes me back on the right track ❤

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