Taking Back Creative Ground

I am happy to say that I have won some small creative victories in the past week or so. Last Tuesday I got to perform at the Railway Club. I shared the night with songwriters Zulu Panda and Zach Saunders. We each did a set. I got to perform with a band. My friend Tony Lum was on drums and my friend Randall Barnettson on base guitar. Leading up to the show there was a lot of challenges. I was battling with all those ugly lies in my head. Lies I’ve explained before in other posts. All those lies melted away as I took to the stage with Randall and Tony. I felt alive on stage. I felt like things came easy. I was relaxed and in the moment. I think it adds a whole other dimension to have a band come perform with you. Solo is good but I love performing with others. I believe music is meant to be shared and I feel alive when I get to make music with others.

On topic of my new album. I am looking to get into the studio again in February. I have a few songs that are ready to go. I have some funds set aside but I’m looking into possibly doing some crowd funding. I am looking forward to the process of creating something too. I’m also planning to book some more shows in Vancouver this year too. I love this journey and its alway the small victories along the way that make all the difference.

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