Kara Lockwood was born and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia and got her start with music as a child with piano lessons. Kara was always making up little “songs” and “compositions” on the piano as a child. This childhood love soon turned into a passion and vocation choice as Kara grew older. With the encouragement of her high school band director Bob Rebagliati when she was 15 years old, she began to take music more seriously. She sang with her highschool jazz band and took vocal lessons. Upon graduation from highschool, Kara was inspired by the local singer/songwriter/music scene in Vancouver. She picked up a guitar and started learning on her own. Now years later she has released her debut album “Free Child” and single “Words Can’t Express.” She has played many a show around Vancouver including Cafe Deux Soleil, the Railway Club and The Main.  Kara’s musical influences include Joni Mitchell, Jewel and the many singer/songwriters in the Vancouver music scene. Her sound is soft and pure and she sings and writes songs about creativity, life, faith and relationships. Kara is currently attending a local Vancouver community college where she studies music theory, songwriting, recording, private voice and guitar lessons etc. This past July 2015 Kara went on a music tour that covered 3 different Canadian cities, Montreal, Toronto and Regina. She plans to play more Vancouver shows and make a new album next summer 2016.

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